Ben Coombs

The RoBne foundation: Vision, Values, Philosophy and Process

Monday April 12 2021

A key to any business is having a relevant, easy to articulate value proposition, in our case that is the investment philosophy along with a deep understanding of the scenarios you can deploy capital to add value for investors and portfolio companies alike. This is underpinned by the vision and the values that drive RoBne behaviours every day.  Keeping this succinct enables greater referability and repeatability.

So where did we begin? All these aspects of the company need to flow together. Our vision is simply ‘the go-to equity partner for SEQ growth companies’. This means, that companies want to work with us, we are fun to deal with, good to work with, focused on the region and want RoBne to be synonymous with our $1-5m EBITDA opportunity set, our niche, our lane.

You can find our values on this site, we believe portfolio companies and investors alike get sick of corporate jargon, consultant speak and investment management BS. So, our values reflect that we won’t be like that and guide the way we interact with each other, investors and portfolio companies.

The most meaningful way to succeed, is to help others succeed.

Adam Grant

The investment philosophy is your filter for picking great companies to invest in and partner with. It underpins decision making and provides the consistent lens for assessment. We kick off each investment committee meeting with a recap because it grounds the team back to the fundamentals, prior to working through the attractiveness of a prospective investment, and forms the basis for discussion.

RoBne’s focus is SEQ, rather than focus on sectors, we focus on scenarios. We thought very hard about which scenarios RoBne’s capital could be deployed to solve problems. If our capital won’t help the personal and business situations of the founders we are partnering with, then we will walk away quickly.

Finally, we have developed process behind the scenes, underpinning each of the tenants of the investment philosophy as frameworks to ensure the criteria are met. To find out more about these though, you’ll need to contact us directly!

This has all been formed with a win-win-win deeply rooted in our thinking: for RoBne to succeed, the portfolio companies we partner with must thrive, and investors make a good return.

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