Ben Coombs

Team: the more diverse, the better the decision

Friday April 23 2021

So now here we are, with a clear opportunity and a framework ready to deliver results. We have searched far and wide and assembled a diverse and fresh team who are excited to take the field. The RoBne Team will bring different insights to the PE space. This post shares the ups and downs of assembling the RoBne Advisory Board and Team, including some serendipitous turns of events that brought it all together.

When we began thinking about the team, we focused on skill sets that we require, operational efficiency, leadership, governance, strategic thinking, private equity experience, e-commerce capability with an alignment with our values. We have also been extremely straight-up that we do not want to be surrounded by ‘yes’ people and want to be challenged and pushed in our thinking to avoid group thinking and encourage constructive debate which we believe will lead to better decision making over time. We then discussed at length our networks and began reaching out to people, however this has not all gone smoothly, there have been a few speed bumps.

It is important to be open about what hasn’t gone well, as well as what has. We had some misfires with our advisory board approaches that lead to disappointment and despondency at certain times, however, it has all worked out for the better in the end (which, in many cases, is a metaphor for life when things don’t go your way).  For example, we have had discussions with C-suite listed company executives that we hoped would result in team members, only to realise that time and the commitments of these roles could not be done in duality. We had a candidate lined up to attend our very first advisory board meeting only to pull out the morning of, which could have easily knocked us off our line. However, resiliently, we bounced forward, unexpected people came into our orbit, and we could not be happier with the team we have assembled.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

Henry Ford

When you look at our team, you will see accomplished individuals from very diverse backgrounds, that align with our values and vision. What we have been most impressed with is how quickly this group have banded together around the opportunity to create a different image of a private equity team with a win, win, win mindset.


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