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1 May 2021

Understanding the J-Curve of PE investments

The J-Curve often refers to the shape commonly associated with astronomical returns (which is what we are all trying to achieve). We are writing about a different type of J-Curve that specifically refers to the negative cash flows that can last for...

23 April 2021

Team: the more diverse, the better the decision

So now here we are, with a clear opportunity and a framework ready to deliver results. We have searched far and wide and assembled a diverse and fresh team who are excited to take the field. The RoBne Team will bring different...

12 April 2021

The RoBne foundation: Vision, Values, Philosophy and Process

A key to any business is having a relevant, easy to articulate value proposition, in our case that is the investment philosophy along with a deep understanding of the scenarios you can deploy capital to add value for investors and portfolio companies...

6 April 2021

RoBne behind the scenes: why we started a private equity firm

Setting up a private equity (PE) fund is a daunting proposition—over the course of many late nights and a huge amount of thought and work, we’re now here at the starting gates. You are probably wondering how this came to be? Well...

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