Our Story

Our vision is to be the go-to equity partner for South East Queensland growth companies.

The 'why' behind
RoBne Capital

RoBne was created to provide funding solutions and unique perspectives to problems that Founders face. We believe that if the portfolio company does well, then so do our investors and so do we, so that’s what we’re focused on.

A love for South East Queensland and all it has to offer has led setting up RoBne Capital.

We strive to make a positive impact with the companies we work with through energetic interactions, we’re fun to deal with and not afraid to roll our sleeves up and put in the work.

Our Investment Approach

What motivates us is creating a win, win, win: a win for our investors, portfolio companies and the people who come along for the ride.

Robenecap Partners

Our Values

We believe portfolio companies and investors alike get sick of corporate jargon. Our values reflect and guide the way we interact with each other, investors and portfolio companies.

Straight up.

Open-real communication is important to us, this means no corporate jargon or consultant speak. We will be open and transparent with companies, investors and each other and tell it like it is. We would rather have the uncomfortable conversation and work through it together constructively, than the alternative which is to leave issues unresolved and concerns unsaid, which ends up more painful in the long run.


We will be sensible and realistic when it comes to making decisions, taking an appropriate amount of risk, at the appropriate time, for the appropriate opportunities. We will be practical in the way that we work with companies to achieve their goals. Pragmatism, sums this up.


For RoBne to work, we need to be accountable and transparent with investors, portfolio companies and each other in our decision making, this means doing what we say we will. Accountability applies to our investors, the companies we partner with and each other.

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